Degrees and Certificates


HM 101: Introduction to Hospitality Management

This course provides an overview of historical perspectives, current trends, and up-to-date practices within the current field of hospitality. Coverage of food and beverage entities, hotel and lodging operations, travel and tourism, and more gives students a comprehensive study of this rewarding field. 

HM 102: Event Management I

This course introduces the fundamentals of event management, including concepts of the Meetings, Expositions, Events, and Conventions (MEEC) industry. Consideration of components required to create an event will include client consultation, strategic planning, building a team, customer relationship management, budgeting, staffing, marketing, legal and safety/security concerns, and more, which will give students an inclusive look into the events management specialization.

HM 103: Hospitality Sales and Marketing I

This course provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental concepts and strategies of sales and marketing within the hospitality industry. Students will gain a thorough understanding of market segmentation, pricing strategies, advertising and promotion techniques, customer relationship management, and effective sales practices specific to the hospitality sector. Through case studies and practical exercises, students will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to promote and sell hospitality products and services successfully. This course serves as a strong foundation for students aspiring to pursue careers in hospitality sales, marketing, or related fields.

HM 104: Hospitality Food & Beverage I

This course offers an introductory exploration of the complex food and beverage industry. This course equips students with foundational knowledge and skills to excel in managing various aspects of food and beverage operations. Throughout the course, students will explore diverse areas of the food and beverage industry, gaining an understanding of each sector's characteristics and roles. By examining case studies and real-world examples, students will identify key players within the industry and grasp the intricate relationships that drive its functioning. In addition, students will explore current trends and challenges that the food and beverage industry face in today's ever-evolving landscape. Through critical analysis and discussion, students will develop insights into how these factors shape industry practices and strategies. Overall, this course prepares students with a holistic foundation in the food and beverage industry, combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills to prepare them for success in this dynamic field. Whether aspiring to become restaurant managers, caterers, or entrepreneurs, students will leave with the foundational knowledge needed to succeed in the world of food and beverage.

HM 105: Concierge Services I

This course introduces students to the art and science of becoming a proficient concierge in hospitality. This course will prepare students to embark on a career path in the fast-growing profession of concierge services by comprehensively exploring current industry standards combined with theory and practical application. 

HM 201: Hospitality Revenue Management

Hospitality Revenue Management is a fundamental course designed to provide students with a multidisciplinary knowledge of revenue management principles and practices in the hospitality industry. This course investigates strategies and techniques hotels, resorts, and other hospitality establishments use to maximize revenue and optimize room and resource allocation. Students will gain valuable insights into the vital nature of revenue management in the context of the hospitality sector.

HM 202: Event Management II

This course will expand upon the fundamentals of event management to further explore operations and logistics in the event management field.  Concepts of event production, design, registration, event-specific technology, funding, sustainability, human resources, overview of food and beverage planning, financial management, public relations, and more while working in a group setting to simulate an event management atmosphere will give students the edge that they need to excel in the events management field.

HM 203: Hospitality Sales and Marketing II

Building upon the foundational knowledge of hospitality sales and marketing, this advanced course delves deeper into the industry's strategic aspects and cutting-edge practices. Students will explore advanced topics such as revenue management, market analysis, brand positioning, digital marketing, customer experience management, and leadership in sales and marketing. Through real-world case studies and industry projects, students will develop the ability to analyze market trends, devise innovative sales and marketing strategies, and effectively lead teams in achieving sales goals. This course is designed for students seeking to enhance their expertise, take on leadership roles in hospitality sales and marketing departments, or pursue entrepreneurial ventures in the industry. 

HM 204: Hospitality Food & Beverage II

Building upon foundational knowledge gained in HM104 - Hospitality Food & Beverage I, HM204 - Hospitality Food & Beverage II delves into the strategic intricacies of managing and succeeding within the food and beverage industry. Through a combination of theoretical concepts, case studies, industry analysis, and hands-on projects, students will develop the expertise necessary to excel in managerial roles, navigate industry challenges, and drive innovation. By the end of this course, students will not only have a deeper understanding of industry subtleties but will also possess the strategic insight to excel in this ever-evolving field. Whether aspiring to manage restaurants, launch innovative food startups, or lead sustainable food initiatives, this course equips students with the tools and insights needed for success.

HM 205: Concierge Services II

Concierge Services II builds upon the foundational skills developed in HM 105 - Concierge Services I. This course is designed to prepare students to take on leadership roles within the concierge profession. It explores the intricacies of managing concierge services within various hospitality settings, providing students with the expertise needed to excel as concierge managers and coordinators. By exploring advanced topics and practical applications, students will be prepared to lead concierge teams, drive innovation, and elevate guest experiences in current and future hospitality industries.

MN 120: Business Organization

This course introduces students to the different facets of the US business environment. Examines topics including the fundamentals of a business's legal, management, marketing, and finance aspects.

MN 130: Customer Service

This course is designed to introduce and help students develop outstanding customer service skills in an organizational setting serving clients/customers. Telecommunications and web-based customer strategies will be discussed. Students will learn how to interact with customers, resolve conflicts, maintain records, understand the importance of customer satisfaction/retention, and develop time management skills.

MN 223: Marketing

This course examines marketing fundamentals, including marketing ethics, analyzing the marketing environment, consumer behavior, and product pricing strategies.

MN 227: Business Finance

This course Introduces the fundamentals of business finance. The time value of money, financial statements, bond and stock valuations, and financial forecasting, among other topics, are explored from the financial management perspective.