Grading System

HJC’s grading system is based on a 4.0 quality point scale. The following chart describes the percentage needed for each letter grade and the quality points each grade will earn.

Letter Grade   Quality Points Per Credit Hour
A 90-100 High Achievement 4
B 80-89 Good 3
C 70-79 Satisfactory 2
D 60-69 Needs Improvement 1
F Below 60 Unsatisfactory 0

The following codes will be utilized in place of completed grades:

I Incomplete
W Withdrawal
CR Credit Granted
TR Transfer Credit Granted
X Add/Drop Withdrawal
S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
AU Audit

Incomplete Grades

Incompletes are given when a student has to miss the final or has an outstanding assignment. The incomplete should only be given if the student is passing the class or could pass the class after completing the missing exam/assignment. If the student does not contact the instructor about the missing assignment/exam, the instructor should award an incomplete if the student was actively attending until the end of class and the instructor reasonably believes that the student intends to make up. If an incomplete is awarded, the student will have one year to complete the missing work. Students receiving an incomplete should arrange with the instructor to complete the outstanding work as soon as possible. Should an incomplete remain unchanged past the deadline, it will automatically change to a failing grade.

Auditing a Class

All graduates are eligible to audit a class without any tuition charges. Students who are not graduates will be charged a $100 fee for auditing a class. All students auditing a class must pay for a new textbook if required. Graduates may schedule to audit a class anytime during the scheduling process.

Repeating a Course

If students complete a class with a C or lower, they may retake it once to improve their grades. The student must buy the required book for any repeat class as required.

Graduates may refresh any classes they previously took as part of their enrollment. There will not be any tuition charge for the course. The students will be required to pay for any books as required.

If allied health students do not begin their externships or practicums within six months of completing their capstone classes (Dental Seminar, Clinical Procedures II, or Substance Abuse - Community Mental Health), they may repeat the class with the purchase of required textbooks.  If it has been more than five years since the student was enrolled, additional coursework may be required before the externship or practicum can be completed.