Consumer Reports Information

Huntington Junior College has a variety of consumer reports available to students and employees. Below is a list of reports available. Paper copies are available in the administrative offices upon request or many of the reports are available on the college’s website.

  • Campus Security Report: security statistics that occurred on campus or in the adjacent area and institutional policies concerning campus safety and security.
  • Completion and Graduation rates: information about the rate of completion and graduation rates of programs.
  • Drug Free Schools Policy: information on the school’s policies regarding drug and alcohol abuse, as well as referral and treatment programs.
  • Financial Aid Assistance - Huntington Junior College participates in various financial aid programs to assist students in meeting their financial obligations.
  • General Information about HJC: required courses, available class schedules and general information.
  • Information about student diversity in the categories of gender and ethnicity of enrolled, full-time students who receive Federal Pell Grants.
  • Information on placement of and types of employment obtained by graduates.
  • Retention rates of first-time full-time undergraduate students.
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Students who receive Financial Aid: All students participating in financial aid programs are accorded very specific rights and responsibilities under the law which are provided in this report.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress Guidelines: Used to ensure students are progressing toward completions of their programs.
  • Student Rights Under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act - Federal law designed to protect the privacy of students and their families sets certain conditions for the disclosure of information from students’ records.