Attendance Policy and Withdrawal Policy

Your attendance at the college is essential in attaining your future employment goals. Prospective employers are interested in your attendance as well as your academic training.

At the start of each quarter, you must start each class by the end of the second week of school. If you have not completed work in all courses you're enrolled in by the end of the second week, you will be withdrawn for the quarter. No tuition will be charged or financial aid paid for the class/classes. You can also actively withdraw from a class or classes during the first two weeks at no charge.

You may actively withdraw from a class or the term during the first nine weeks of the quarter or the designated last day to drop a class. Please get in touch with your Student Success Coach to withdraw from a class or term actively. Tuition adjustments for dropping individual courses will not be made after the second week of the quarter.

If you are absent for 14 consecutive days in all of your classes, HJC will administratively withdraw you from the term and advise you of your options for requesting reinstatement in your classes. Your official withdrawal date will be determined by your last date of attendance or the date of your withdrawal request.

Final grades will be determined based on submitted assignments if you have not missed two consecutive weeks in your classes and have not actively withdrawn.